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Jimmy's on the James

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610 Commerce St
Central Business District, Lynchburg, Virginia, 24504

The Story of Jimmy's on the James

Having been in the restaurant and entertainment business for most of the last twenty years, I am pleased to offer a place where the two are combined for a unique, intimate and fun experience.

I have had this vision for a long time. I touched on it with "Southern Culture" in Richmond, Virginia during the 90's. Now with a top drawer staff of folks who share my vision, and the expertise to make it a reality we proudly present "JIMMY'S ON THE JAMES" part speak-easy, part bistro, part supper club, and all good.

With superb food, splendid drinks, a song or two from yours truly, and who knows what else. We here at JIMMY'S insist on an experience you will receive nowhere else. So enjoy yourself.

It's mandatory!

-- Jim Dudley