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Personalizing Your Offer with a Love Letter

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When a house is a home it can hold fond memories, neighbors and people we care about, and emotional ties.  Many people that sell their house have a connection to it as their home.  One of the best ways to get a seller to accept your offer is to write a "love letter" about their house.  A letter shows the seller your emotional investment in addition to financial investment into the home you're hoping for.  This letter should list the things you love about the home and touch on how much you notice the seller put their love into those things as well.  If you're observant while you tour the home and can mention that baseball themed room and your love for the same team, it could be a plus.  Sometimes a letter written by your children can help a seller know how much the whole family wants to make this place home.  Whichever way it is done, tugging at the sellers heart strings can really help sway the decision toward your offer. 

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