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Tips on Lowering Your Energy Bill

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These days with all the cold weather the heater is running all the time. Energy bills are skyrocketing and cutting costs is helpful in anyway.  Here are some tips to ways you can lower your electric bill.  

1. Lower your water heater to 120 degrees.

2. Only run your dishwasher if its completely full versus on a daily basis.

3. Wash your clothes in cold water.  Modern detergents usually clean clothes very well so unless something is excessively soiled, cold water is sufficient.

4. Switch off lights when you leave a room.  (Tip: make it a game with kids with rewards to those who remember to shut off their lights most often for a week)

5.  Install countdown timers in intermittently used rooms like the bathroom and laundry room. 

6. Make use of windows by opening curtains on cold days and warming up with the sun but close curtains on hot days to keep the heat out.

7. Install ceiling fans for frequently used rooms.

8. Adjust your thermostat by 10 degrees for the 8 hours your leave the home so you're not heating or cooling an empty house.

With these simple changes you can make a big dent in your energy bill for the year. 


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